Death and I are my only certaties

Death and I are the only truth I know. Undeniably, I have the certainty that I exist in this world because I think and therefore I am in this reality. Indeed, death is a fact that I cannot deny and all humans have to live with it till the end. Not long ago I saw myself resting in peace on a cushion of a black coffin. At that moment, it seems that for the first time I was in accordance with death alone. Both of us were neither ebullient nor happy but taciturn towards this circumstance. I knew that life will end one day, even though I have never pictured myself at that moment and I felt quite released to see my body there lying in peace and in perfect aliment with the universe.


I have to confess that [sometimes] I am frightened of death. I think that all comes along to questions such as; am I doing my best in this world? Am I choosing the right pathway in my life? These questions really hit me deeply in my consciousness and somewhat makes me doubt about my existence. In a sense that makes me feel unease and disoriented because of the lack of confidence in myself. Of course, these thoughts are vaguely in my mind but at the same time, there are strong reminders of my reality.


Often, I felt that my voice is lost in the vastness of the universe. Perhaps, the cosmos has a surprise for me, since I had spent nights in solitude and I know that being alone in this world is an important trait for self-growth but it feels lonely sometimes. I guess that these quiet moments would encourage me to listen to my soul. And maybe this solitude had told me that death is not something to be afraid of but rather a matter of acceptance that mortality is a blessing. This ephemeral time is the best gift I had received and I will celebrate my existence and my death because these are my only certainties.


written by cosmos.


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